Olivia Bella


Olivia is an Artistic Academy graduate and spent her first few years in the industry apprenticing under Catrina at Shag86.  She went on to become a first level stylist before having to step away from her career in cosmetology due to a severe allergy to hair dyes and other products.

From there she went onto receive her associates degree in fashion merchandising from County College of Morris and is now perusing her bachelors degree in marketing at LIM college.  After leaving Shag86, she worked at J. Crew where she held multiple positions including visual associate and assistant manager.   She wishes to be able to combine her love for the beauty industry with her marketing degree in the years to come.

A message from Olivia 

I love being a part of the Banshee team!  Being able to combine my love for the beauty industry, skills I am learning in school and my previous work experiences seem to be a dream! I get to do all the things I love everyday. Working under Catrina during my years spent at Shag86 was probably the best job I have held, so to be working a long side her again is an opportunity I am very grateful for.

Banshee + Co. carry a line of hair dyes and products that are made from 89-98% naturally derived ingredients which have given me the opportunity to work in this environment with no allergic reactions.