Banshee Mask Policy

Dear valued guests,

As of May 28, 2021 Banshee +Co. will be adapting to a MASK OPTIONAL establishment. Our valued guests will have the freedom to choose to be masked or mask free. We understand everyone has deeply personal beliefs guiding these decisions. We respect freedom of choice, there will be no judgment.

To ease into this new transition, our team has decided to Wear our masks for the next 3 weeks to be sensitive to this new change. After this time period some of our staff will choose to wear a mask or not when they see fit.

As a company we will not ask our guests to disclose vaccination status. We ask that our guests respect our employees personal and private health choices as well. This discussion will not be tolerated. No exceptions.

Under these guidelines we will be operating at 100 percent capacity, and remaining 6 feet distance. Covid waivers will still be sent via text or email.  Our cleaning regime will remain diligent and will continue to run our UV- light sanitizer HVAC system throughout the salon.

I am extremely proud to say that Banshee +Co. has not had any related Covid cases linked to our salon. We have made every decision with caution and care, and I have full confidence in my team.  We are looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces we know and love.

  Catrina + the Banshees

396 bloomfield ave. caldwell, nj  –  973-310-9755