Sabrina Lugo

Sabrina is a recent graduate from the Monroe County Technical Institute of Cosmetology located in our neighboring state of Pennsylvania. She has always had a love for makeup and a passion for all things beauty, from early on she knew that there was only one path forward for her + that was to follow her dreams of becoming a Professional Cosmetologist!  She started expanding her knowledge base and learning the ins + outs of the industry, (all while she was working her way through school), as an assistant at Ken & Company Salon.  Over the 2-year span that she spent working hard at Ken & Company absorbing all that she could, it was there that she discovered and grew to love the art of hair. From that point on, she was determined to take the next step forward of furthering her career by seeking out a Salon where she could plant her roots with hopes in finding a Master Stylist that would take the time + care to mentor her.  Well, as fate would have it, the stars & the moon all seemed to align perfectly + the] timing was just right.  Sabrina found her self a home at Banshee+ Co. + in the caring hands of her new mentor Catrina, now serving as her faithful apprentice.

A Message from Sabrina:

“I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of this growing family at Banshee + Co.!  I have always felt that I was meant to be in the beauty industry, but not just exclusively confined to one specific area. I started out first with my focus being on makeup, however but now I seem to find my love for hair growing more and more each and everyday!  I knew from the time that I interviewed with Catrina that I was going to be one lucky girl, if given the exclusive opportunity, to work under her wing.  Being able to work in this Industry at a Salon that I truly love + with people and clients that I love to work with, will be something I will always cherish  and will eternally be grateful for.”